How to Teach Yourself R Programming

Learning R is important nowadays, as the analytics, big data and the application of data science to different industries is needed.  Mostly beginners, as what they say compared to SAS has a steep learning curve, but let’s see a quick tutorial.

First, you have to install R or Microsoft R Open.  Download from

Also install RStudio for a good IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to use R and understand what data the variables has in memory. Download from:

After you have these, you can get yourself in a quick environment by installing and using Swirl Package for a self run tutorial. Check out:


R BioConductor Package Basics

R BioConductor package is a packaged used in genomics, computational biology or bioinformatics.  The sequences of DNA, proteins and other information are handled by a wide array of BioConductor package.

BioConductor is a collection of packages used in BioInformatics, it is almost the same as those used in BioPython, and BioPerl.

Here is my rpubs page for R BioConductor Basics:


Virtual Careers Book

Many of the business are thinking, if they will allow for remote work.  Some are used to the 8-5 routine of the daily business days, however due to the traffic in Manila alone, it’s better to give flexible hours to our talents.  Time and again, letting them work remotely is another thing.  How do we really know who knows how to work remotely?

In the past, there are some uneducated virtual workers, they don’t know how to handle their employers / clients well, but thanks to the Online Marketing Guru of the Philippines, Jomar Hilario.  He found out that more people are wanting to earn dollars at home, so he started to teach Virtual Assistant lessons, and after the events, he made the lessons downloadable.  Through the years, he added more advanced lessons for the VA, and later called them Virtual Professionals.  They became professionals not just because they are remote workers, but also they are taught how to act professionally online, and only work with legitimate businessmen and industries.2015-09-20-Virtual Careers Book Launched

From the office desk, he will teach you how to be on your home office desk, or home desk to work from any part of the world and deliver astonishing results for your client, no matter where you are.

He recently launched his book, Virtual Careers (Jomar Hilario) to reach more people and Filipino workers.  The readers now have the potential to earn dollars at home, eliminate daily stress and embrace their family more.

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My Journey as a Data Scientist / IT Engineer

It was long ago, when I was a curious kid on how the world works.  I like the science experiments in school, watched the Beakman’s world.  There are times that I’m thinking what will it be if no one has invented the light bulb, the engine motor, and many other things like the cellphone and computers.

On my journey, I had met a computer when I was in Elementary level.  My uncle left me a computer with Windows 3.0 on it, I tried exploring it, used Microsoft Office, read a book about DOS (Disk Operating System) and saved tons of diskettes with Microsoft Word Documents, Powerpoints, and played with Visual Basic for Application.  During my highschool, I met two programmers.  One who taught me and showed me DOS-based programming languages like C, Pascal, QBASIC, DOS and Visual Studio especially Visual Basic.  I read a book that they are using Teach Yourself Visual Basic in 21 Days, it’s fun and easy to understand so I tried creating some of its contents.  Wrote a couple of DOS batch files program.

On my 4th year highschool, I tried to take the examination for IT Engineers.  I just tried it, but since I have no mentor, I got a fairly almost passing score for IT Engineer examination, a Japanese standard certification given by JITSE (Japanese IT Standards Examination) now PhilNITS (Philippine National Information Technology Standards) which is under ITPEC (IT Professional Examination Council) headed by JITEC (Japan IT Engineers Examination Center).  One of the youngest taker at the age of 16.  After some years after taking up BS IT (college) I successfully passed the exam at the age of 20.

I was sent in Yokohama, Japan to undergo for the Training Program for IT Engineers in Asian Countries in 2007.  The youngest in the batch at the age of 20.  My expertise is COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language).  Learned Linux, JSP and other technologies including the Japanese culture.

I’ve helped OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) community to grow here in the Philippines as a Project Manager, today e-Kindling is handling the project, and they have deployed a pilot OLPC in some parts of the Philippines.

On 2010 I was sent again to undergo for Bridge Systems Engineers training (coordinating Systems Engineer) in Tokyo.

In the past, I used to do the full Software Development Life Cycle as a Systems Engineer.  I have done some work as a Network Surveillance engineer too in a contact center.  Lately, I worked with a social media site too as Systems Administrator.  My stay in Friendster have helped me learn more of monitoring systems, automating, testing and Quality Assurance work on systems.

I’ve helped some organizations as a consultant too in the past.

I’ve learned how to cook servers using Chef and other tools, linux, python, perl.  From there I started to love data, from MySQL to MongoDB, to CouchDB, using logs, AWS cloud services, Munin, Nagios.

After some time I’ve been interested to learn R, but then it led me to learn the Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University through Coursera.  I took several courses on Data Analysis, Analytics, Process Mining and more.

Today, my learnings, combined with my experience with systems engineering, data, consulting and things I’ve learned from Marketing and Business school (MBA) helped me to become a Data Scientist / IT Engineer.  I also learned Online Marketing and Virtual Profession, so I know how to work remotely well from a guru in the Philippines named Jomar Hilario.

Nowadays, I’m exploring to learn more Mathematics from Pure to Applied, doing some research, Genomics, BioInformatics and other applications of Data Science, Science and Technology. – Sway Data Scientist Ri – Rowen

  • Rowen Remis R. Iral

Live Like You are Dying

The irony of this journey called life is that we are always looking for comfort. We keep family ties, we live in different activities, kept ourselves busy, join organizations, but there is none helpful at all. We seek and get lost, looking for hope, searching religion after religion, motivation after motivation. Living in vices, drinking liquors, smoking cigarettes and worst taking drugs just to put life into a greater perspective, as if we know what we are doing are beneficial to us. The works of evil are just around, creating turmoil, fear, terrors, creating terrorist attacks; the world is turning the pain up on each and everyone of us. You might have been part of the jobless people, you might have been a victim of the matrix that to be successful you have to compete, you have to compare yourself to others, to follow the standards set by the norm of the school, of the corporate world, to have a lot of money, to live luxuriously and be arrogant. The world is at its worst scenario this time.

I only have limited time on this earth, and you do too. I know how best it is to have trust, respect, and sacrifice to build love. I am not here to impress among you, but I am here to be true, to be me, and to be a better me each passing day. I don’t have time to explain myself, I don’t care what you are thinking of, but there is one thing that I’m living for each and everyday, I am living to follow and fulfill God’s will.

I may one day be a memory to you, the one who have touched your life, the one who have inspired you, I might have been the one that have been an example on how to live low and simple, how to mould your character, how to keep things going and in peace, how to change things in order for better things to come or I might have been a light on your path.

Today, if you love me, then trust me, if you care then show that you do, if I am important keep me in your heart, I might be doing the same for you, but then you let loose my feelings because, you started to show that you cannot accept me for what I am, what I was, and what I will be. I might be living with you, but you are just like them, pre-judging me for my actions, for my acquaintances, for my friends, contacts, networks and my intentions were never understood and heard. I am missing my life, the real me, because you’ve become a vampire to my life, you’ve made me a zombie, you’ve started to kill my dreams, my aspirations and I am writing this article to make you remember, when I love, I really do, when I care, I mean it, when I value someone, I make them more than diamonds and gold, when I trust, I trust wholeheartedly and the Almighty One I firmly believe. I have no religious bias, but God had showed me that He really existed, He had twisted my life, gave me up and downs, there is no religion, but the faith and connection to the divine, and following God’s will would make the saviour preserve us for eternity, bring us to His everlasting kingdom.

I will no longer be yours if you will fail to value me, as long as my God lives, He will always give the best for me and my life that He lent me. I’m afraid time and again God will bring me closer to the right people and place, but I might lose you.

I’m sorry that I am different from the other 99% of the world. Sorry I don’t belong to the 99% different from me. We are living and leaving this place called Earth soon, so always live at your best each day as if you are dying.

Is it OK To Allow Data Scientists / IT Engineers to Work from Home


Operating a company or having a business needs some technical expertise that you cannot otherwise seek around.  The technological talents and skills are sometimes hard to find or at some point need to be done when hiring cycles would not help fix your problem.  Through technology, work can be done remotely from anywhere, work from home, Virtual Assistant (VA) jobs, road warriors and mobile workers or telecommuters are a few to name.  With the equal opportunity of flattening the world through technological advancement on communications and collaboration these can help your business or company to help you and support you, also minimizing overhead on office space costs.

Selecting the best talent is the best guide to make your search for the remote worker or remote expert that you are looking.  Consultants on these field are mostly checked by their resume and output of their work portfolios so you know what quality of work you can expect.  Remote working really helped most businesses including online marketers and others.  Now, even works on appointment setting, writing, graphics design, social media management, mail, booking, telemarketing, programming or development, systems engineering, systems administration or DevOps can be done remotely.

Through the trend of needs for analytics talents, Data Science field have a lot of scientists out there that are also ready to be tapped, they are just around, but mostly are in a remote areas.  It is hard to find experts like Data Scientist, Analysts, and IT / Systems Engineers, but if you would look around, you can even find them online.  The quality of work can also be good, and if you want them to be better for helping you more, let them take courses, pay for their education, since online courses made quality education reachable as long as you are connected to the internet and submit your work online.

Allow knowledge workers to work online, they give them the flexibility, cognitive ability and quality time and freedom, which makes it good to let Data Scientist / Engineers remotely or let them work from home.

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