Becoming a Data Scientist

Most probably most of you are looking into becoming a data scientist or e-scientist.   With the advent of technological advancement the way we manage data is now digital, we use computers and large storage systems to store the data that we have.  In an era of information we are very well informed that Big Data or the large data are now handle by servers in the cloud or a cluster of many computers storing and processing data.

Many of those in the BioStatistics field, Informatics, Statistics and Mathematics have the edge on the core part of the field of Data Science.  Numbers as we know are quantitative descriptions of our environment and the world we lived in.  We also used to quantify qualitative data as it was held true in the past and suggested so that we can apply mathematics in everything that we do.  Being a data scientist is a part of work wherein you have to have skills in statistics, a little of basic mathematical foundations and also the love of insights and intuition.

The creative part of being a data scientist is on the insights, data exploration and intuition.  You cannot explore an unknown data without being creative and that is part of which tells that data science is.  In data science, you are a scientist dealing with data and have the goal of achieving insights or ideas from the given set of information.  The hard part there is being able to clean out the bad part of the data and making it neat so that you can further process the information.

Also programming skill is needed, which will help you to automate some parts of your work, like applying functions or summation or complex formulas to be applied to a million data or your big data.  You have to be able to be familiar with Information Technology which is, most of your tools in e-science or data science will involve working with both commercial and open-source statistical software, programming languages, database systems and other storage systems that handles massive amount of information.

We aren’t done yet, you must be versed in systems or the topic or field you are doing research.  Most of it will not be limited to genomics, linguistics, disease prediction, medical field, and many other fields wherein you are also asked to predict.  To predict properly you must have understanding of statistics and machine learning which will give any system with the power to be an artificial intelligence power house.  Most of the current big data that we have can be used to power new robots connected to a cloud powered computer which are the works of data scientists on super computers.

Business skills is also part of data science as this will relate more to visualizations and also the profit for the stakeholders supporting your work as a data scientist.  Overall, data science is a diverse field wherein a mixture of skills is needed.

This article is helpful for looking into yourself of what type of data scientist are you, or are you a data scientist with a future since you have the basic skills needed to be into the world of data analysis, mining and science.

I fall evenly with the skills of a Data Scientist.

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