How to Teach Yourself R Programming

Learning R is important nowadays, as the analytics, big data and the application of data science to different industries is needed.  Mostly beginners, as what they say compared to SAS has a steep learning curve, but let’s see a quick tutorial.

First, you have to install R or Microsoft R Open.  Download from

Also install RStudio for a good IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to use R and understand what data the variables has in memory. Download from:

After you have these, you can get yourself in a quick environment by installing and using Swirl Package for a self run tutorial. Check out:


R BioConductor Package Basics

R BioConductor package is a packaged used in genomics, computational biology or bioinformatics.  The sequences of DNA, proteins and other information are handled by a wide array of BioConductor package.

BioConductor is a collection of packages used in BioInformatics, it is almost the same as those used in BioPython, and BioPerl.

Here is my rpubs page for R BioConductor Basics: