Live Like You are Dying

The irony of this journey called life is that we are always looking for comfort. We keep family ties, we live in different activities, kept ourselves busy, join organizations, but there is none helpful at all. We seek and get lost, looking for hope, searching religion after religion, motivation after motivation. Living in vices, drinking liquors, smoking cigarettes and worst taking drugs just to put life into a greater perspective, as if we know what we are doing are beneficial to us. The works of evil are just around, creating turmoil, fear, terrors, creating terrorist attacks; the world is turning the pain up on each and everyone of us. You might have been part of the jobless people, you might have been a victim of the matrix that to be successful you have to compete, you have to compare yourself to others, to follow the standards set by the norm of the school, of the corporate world, to have a lot of money, to live luxuriously and be arrogant. The world is at its worst scenario this time.

I only have limited time on this earth, and you do too. I know how best it is to have trust, respect, and sacrifice to build love. I am not here to impress among you, but I am here to be true, to be me, and to be a better me each passing day. I don’t have time to explain myself, I don’t care what you are thinking of, but there is one thing that I’m living for each and everyday, I am living to follow and fulfill God’s will.

I may one day be a memory to you, the one who have touched your life, the one who have inspired you, I might have been the one that have been an example on how to live low and simple, how to mould your character, how to keep things going and in peace, how to change things in order for better things to come or I might have been a light on your path.

Today, if you love me, then trust me, if you care then show that you do, if I am important keep me in your heart, I might be doing the same for you, but then you let loose my feelings because, you started to show that you cannot accept me for what I am, what I was, and what I will be. I might be living with you, but you are just like them, pre-judging me for my actions, for my acquaintances, for my friends, contacts, networks and my intentions were never understood and heard. I am missing my life, the real me, because you’ve become a vampire to my life, you’ve made me a zombie, you’ve started to kill my dreams, my aspirations and I am writing this article to make you remember, when I love, I really do, when I care, I mean it, when I value someone, I make them more than diamonds and gold, when I trust, I trust wholeheartedly and the Almighty One I firmly believe. I have no religious bias, but God had showed me that He really existed, He had twisted my life, gave me up and downs, there is no religion, but the faith and connection to the divine, and following God’s will would make the saviour preserve us for eternity, bring us to His everlasting kingdom.

I will no longer be yours if you will fail to value me, as long as my God lives, He will always give the best for me and my life that He lent me. I’m afraid time and again God will bring me closer to the right people and place, but I might lose you.

I’m sorry that I am different from the other 99% of the world. Sorry I don’t belong to the 99% different from me. We are living and leaving this place called Earth soon, so always live at your best each day as if you are dying.


Is it OK To Allow Data Scientists / IT Engineers to Work from Home


Operating a company or having a business needs some technical expertise that you cannot otherwise seek around.  The technological talents and skills are sometimes hard to find or at some point need to be done when hiring cycles would not help fix your problem.  Through technology, work can be done remotely from anywhere, work from home, Virtual Assistant (VA) jobs, road warriors and mobile workers or telecommuters are a few to name.  With the equal opportunity of flattening the world through technological advancement on communications and collaboration these can help your business or company to help you and support you, also minimizing overhead on office space costs.

Selecting the best talent is the best guide to make your search for the remote worker or remote expert that you are looking.  Consultants on these field are mostly checked by their resume and output of their work portfolios so you know what quality of work you can expect.  Remote working really helped most businesses including online marketers and others.  Now, even works on appointment setting, writing, graphics design, social media management, mail, booking, telemarketing, programming or development, systems engineering, systems administration or DevOps can be done remotely.

Through the trend of needs for analytics talents, Data Science field have a lot of scientists out there that are also ready to be tapped, they are just around, but mostly are in a remote areas.  It is hard to find experts like Data Scientist, Analysts, and IT / Systems Engineers, but if you would look around, you can even find them online.  The quality of work can also be good, and if you want them to be better for helping you more, let them take courses, pay for their education, since online courses made quality education reachable as long as you are connected to the internet and submit your work online.

Allow knowledge workers to work online, they give them the flexibility, cognitive ability and quality time and freedom, which makes it good to let Data Scientist / Engineers remotely or let them work from home.

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Business Operations Through IT Automation

Today’s business need to easily adapt in changes to maintain business continuity. We must use our human resources and IT resources so we can handle the situation.  Automation is one to use so we can quickly do changes in our operations.  The IT and Business units are two separate departments in the past that go in different directions and control.  Most of the time businesses demand the now and the IT demands the future and adaptability.

The division of business and IT(Information Technology) makes it harder to implement technology.  The thinkers of the industry came up with a solution to marry business and technology.  The first that we’ve seen so far is the DevOps revolution.  So what is the DevOps revolution?  It is a term coined that merges both the Development team and the Systems Operations team in the IT department.

Developers mostly write codes for the business requirements without. They think that they should just deliver on time without consider the infrastructure.  On the other side, systems administrations at systems side will not let developers’ codes to hit the production right away.  Then the introduction of the DevOps revolution is implemented so that the two teams will work together to implement understanding and harmony in deployment of systems.

In order for this to succeed, the systems operations write code hand in hand with the developers in order to make room for the voice of the developers, which simplified the interaction, and time to release production systems.  Businesses then reap the rewards of having their operations run smoothly.

The agile methodology was then adapted in order to make meetings fast and easy.  Automation came into play so that the systems can be reproduced easily and that even developers can deploy their own systems from templated servers written by systems administrators.  DevOps is able to merge the two teams that are separate before and the need for the agile master / scrum master is needed.  With that, extreme programming or pair programming have been implemented to aid the exchange of knowledge and skills development of two separate teams.

Opscode chef, ansible, puppet, salt and many more are some of the tools of IT automation that helps deliver systems that are automated by DevOps or systems administrator.  With the help of developers, and quality assurance team, the environment to test and run the code can be properly maintained.

Example implementation:
Chef Development Kit in Windows Server 2012 R2 using

Code at:

Finding the Unicorn Data Scientist

Nowadays, as more shifters or career shifters are around there are people who declared themselves as Data Scientist.  These abundance are somewhat we can call as raw skills.  They may possess skills at some level but it is not yet enough.  In order for us to beat the uncertainty, let us see what it takes to be a data scientist. In order to be a Data Scientist, there are 3 major skills, the Computer Science / Hacking skills, Mathematics & Statistics skills and Substantive knowledge like research, business, medicine, biostatistics and other domain skills and knowledge. Machine learning also come into play which is part of Artificial Intelligence, it is where we model the world in order to be able to forecast and predict information.  Knowledge of programming, especially functional programming, database systems and big data is necessary for the technical skills. Statistics and Mathematics skills and knowledge are also needed in order to be a Data Scientist to have the expertise on looking and solving problems and expressing them in figures and numbers.  With these the data scientist can model the world in numbers or they are able to quantify the world that we are living in in order to infer analysis. Substantive knowledge on the other hand will come into skills with research, business, biostatistics or medicine and other fields which may need some knowledge of the problem being observed and analyzed through the use of data. Other skills needed for Data Scientist is the ability to present his work to non-technical people and visualize the findings so as to make the relay of information in simpler forms so that everyone can get a grasp of the information being communicated. Unicorn Data Scientists are those that have accidentally gained different skills.  In my case, I am a certified IT engineer, have been skilled in Marketing and Digital Marketing, took up Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), been doing Solutions Architecture (Cloud) and other sort of researches like in the biotechnology research on BioPhotonics, bioinformatics and more.  A vast array of experience and exposure to different fields and being able to integrate or having a look at different stages of the industry, business, medical field, sciences, arts and technology is needed in order to be a Unicorn Data Scientist. It is somewhat hard to find them, and most them are either Master’s Degree or Doctor’s Degree (or PhD) holders.  They have a mixed nut in marketing and economics too, and have been around in Research and Development projects, some have experienced multi-shifted career experience, and others are life-long learners that have immersed oneself in Computer Science, Math & Stats and Substantive Knowledge. Unicorn Data Scientists are products of experience, sometimes not of a well lined career path but a path wherein these people have skills in mixed and different fields.  Most of them are fast learners and have even looked into Systems or processes which is one of the applications of data science.  Even in business processes not just data can we apply data science and engineering. If you are lucky to find a Unicorn Data Scientist, be sure to take care of them as they are mostly rare and hard to find.

Getting and Cleaning Data – A Data Scientist’s Perspective

Getting and Cleaning Data – A Data Scientist’s Perspective

Getting cleaning is easy with the available tools that we have right now, and the available technology on sharing datasets. We have tools such as git, svn, zip file and more. However, although these tools are available, they are to be installed on the machine in order to read data.

Most resources that we have today are mostly compatible, but if you are to get data that is large, or something that is in the realm of security, you will have to authenticate to access data. After having the data, you will then need to inspect if the corresponding data dictionary is available, or the data was labeled if it is a csv file. There are cases where data is labeled on a per item per field, which is easy to read in some quick linear view, without having to look at the header, you will be able to know what the data is. The hard part on this that it will give you a toll later is, you will have to clean the label part. For example this line:
name: bob pet_type: cat age: 3

You will have to clean up by removing first the label, there are cases that you will have to transform the cleaned data to make use of it at later stage of analysis.

If you will write some function to process data, make sure to use low-level tools and functions. This will greatly reduce your time to process data. Also it is better to have a separate script or tool dedicated on the cleaning part, before analyzing data to save time. After that you can then create another intermediate data for use on the visualization part.

At the end of your analysis, you should be able to present your analytics report in some form such as a PDF or a presentation available to your audience. When writing reports, make sure you assume the audience is not technical and needs an easy to understand format and that there is adequate data for seeing that same insight that you want to communicate.

ScienceOps or SciOps Tasks

Helping other businesses grow in terms of technology is mostly a need, in some start-ups and also to the growing business that wants business continuity.  Technology nowadays makes creation of services delivered at a faster rate due to the services that we have like Cloud services.  Amazon Web Services, OpenStack and many more have offered their infrastructure as a service for those technology business to help deliver high quality applications.

Users of the apps are now mobile on their laptops, they are now on smart phones, laptops, tablets, and many other gadgets ready to run apps.  Also, Apple devices are around and all those user apps are best paired with data on some server, the cloud.  The cloud works as an authentication, knowledge-base and even the data storage of these infrastructure.  Regardless of the application a good system and network infrastructure is best to have.

These infrastructures are built on top of on-premise computers/servers and even with the cloud.  Cloud services reduces costs is such a way that you don’t have to spend time waiting for arrival of servers, you can scale up and down and you can even scale automatically, yes automatic scaling.  But what is automatic scaling?  Your infra if properly managed can be designed to grow its instances/servers when there is a high need of resources and to shrink down in numbers when only few instances are needed.  All these are beneficial.

With all of these things, we have infra security.  Securing, maintaining and keeping up-to-date with the latest software, fixes and patches are needed on your cloud infra.  However, we are not sure where we are doing right or where we are missing if don’t audit.

Designing a good secured infra needs some more.  We have to monitor things in order to know downtimes, also we have to measure.  In measuring the infra performance we create metrics that checks the status or measurement of every parameters for the server.  We then have to collect this and increase the capability to analyze it.

The data scientist for this work are ScienceOps. They are mostly building good infrastructure, but that is not all.  Even after seeing what’s good in your infra, you will need to know what’s in for your business.  ScienceOps might need some background in business, marketing and strategic planning, and also the apps that you are targeting for measurements.  SciOps will then need to create analysis of your users data aside from the server logs.  With the users data, they can show you how you are fairing with the market.  They can show you if you are growing over time or just having stagnant users no longer interacting with your app.

Your marketing success can be measured and a lot more on the choices of products, services and behavior of your customers or users of your app.  With proper metrics, right analysis and more insight gains, the management team and product team can design, update and direct the product / service that you have in the right direction that satisfies your customers and service users.

5 D’s of Data Science

Here are the 5D

5 Ds of Data Science

  1. Data
  2. Digitalization
  3. Description
  4. Depiction
  5. Discovery



In data science, the most needed is the data, the observations or examples.  With this, we can describe how much, how strong, what are the value or measurement there is about a situation or a thing.  Data existed when define the description of an event or if we measure something.  This is the most important building block that we need to have in doing Data Science tasks.  With data, we are able to show quantity and quality, and this will be the basis of our equations and statistics.  We observe or sometimes use instruments or probe in order to gather data for our analysis or research.



We cannot process raw data when it is not digitized or put into a computer system or encoded into forms that can be processed.  The format is not limited to text, graphics, spreadsheets, vectors, audio, video, we can use any digital format that we like.  Through digitization, we can speed up the process of analysis and procedures being applied to gather the measures in statistics.  We can then infer from the findings of things, and we can create more insight.  Digitization makes the sharing of information easier as the data can be stored and retrieved for future use.



Through the tools that we have, mathematical equations and statistics, we can describe the data that we have.  We can determine if assumptions are right or wrong through hypotheses that we formulate.  We can then deduce from what we have gathered, and those will help us understand more, and can guide us on the next steps on what we can do with data in order to solve a problem or understand a situation or use it to teach machines/computers. These machines in return will be put into practical use which can aid the human ability in different aspect of our lives, not limited to traffic, medicine, marketing, economics, planning, production, operations, understanding behaviors and many more.



In Data Science, where use to do machine learning, we mine information, create training and testing sets, we can then depict or predict the future.  Also with visualization, we can explain what we have just found out through insights.  We can share the information available for consumption at a wide range of audience from academe, profession, medicine, science and the like.  With depiction/visualization we can help different people understand what we have just found out.  This is where data science becomes an art, a place of creativity and targeting with mass consumption.



At the end of most research of a Data Scientist, a discovery from different insights is mostly been found or through the process clarity comes as the prize of hard work.  The discovery from the tasks conducted can help to predict reality, give warnings and inform the people.  Most stakeholders are the pharmaceutical company, doctors of medicine through BioStatistics and analysis, and some business or entreprise.  The information uncovered can be a great help in making future decision on improving medicine, process, product or strategy such as those used in marketing campaign, designing educational things and also providing new products/services for the benefit of the people.