Date with Freedom 2017 (Virtual Careers Summit)



I was invited by my Marketing, Virtual Profession and Success mentor Jomar Hilario to his event Date with Freedom: Virtual Careers Summit.  It happened on October 14, 2017.  I saw a lot of Virtual Professionals and aspiring remote workers.

Yes I work remotely, but securely.  I talked about “How to Negotiate with 5 Clients”.  Everyone got interested on that topic, but the question I got is more about “What is Data Science and Analytics”.


Above is my secure remote machine located on my client’s office.  I used that computer to login to my client’s client. It seems like an unmanned computer that when you turn on the screen you will see what I’m working on it remotely.

To simplify data science please see the diagram below:

This Venn Diagram (a diagram that shows overlaps) shows that data science is the intersection of Mathematics/Statistics, Computer Science / Information Technology and a Domain Expertise: Business, Research, Sciences, or Marketing.  Yes, Marketing, sounds familiar?

Let me show you what an Analyst or Data Scientist does for digital marketing industry:

I know most of you does those above.  The secret with these data is to measure or keep track of the values over time.  Be in Spreadsheets (Excel), text file, or tools like Instagram Insights, FB Insights and Google Analytics can help you understand your client’s customer.

I know most of you will say, I’m not techie, I’m not a geek nor a nerd.  You can, “Yes you can!”.  I said, “You can!”.  Did you know that businesses would like reports not in Math or numbers?  Did you know that clients would love to hear stories from their data?  Did you know that visuals, graphs, charts and INFOGRAPHICS simplifies the dissemination of information?  Does all those sounds familiar to you?  I know you do. Jomar taught those in his skills courses, story telling courses and other courses.

My analyst / data scientist colleague used to laugh about presenting a mathematical formula versus a well defined story with some visuals.  The presentation with a story and visualization or graphs are well appreciated by the client.

I heard some people say SQL is hard.  You don’t need that geek language, there are tools that can help you build that, yes like point and click, drag and drop.  Nothing is easy nor hard.  I went to the hard part since it’s my up-bringing in the past, I accidentally was exposed to this due to IT Engineering which is another story.

In the Philippines, we started out with Data Science Philippines on Google Groups, then on a Facebook Page.  Today we have Data Science Philippines on Meetup.  I’m a regular attendee of R Users Group Philippines because of the values of people there: “Humility”.  They know how hard the numbers are, but are still willing to help others to get started.

URL List of Live Meetups:

Thank you for all the attendees of Jomar Hilario’s 2017 Date with Freedom.

Jomar Hilario Courses: Virtual Careers Academy 


Is it OK To Allow Data Scientists / IT Engineers to Work from Home


Operating a company or having a business needs some technical expertise that you cannot otherwise seek around.  The technological talents and skills are sometimes hard to find or at some point need to be done when hiring cycles would not help fix your problem.  Through technology, work can be done remotely from anywhere, work from home, Virtual Assistant (VA) jobs, road warriors and mobile workers or telecommuters are a few to name.  With the equal opportunity of flattening the world through technological advancement on communications and collaboration these can help your business or company to help you and support you, also minimizing overhead on office space costs.

Selecting the best talent is the best guide to make your search for the remote worker or remote expert that you are looking.  Consultants on these field are mostly checked by their resume and output of their work portfolios so you know what quality of work you can expect.  Remote working really helped most businesses including online marketers and others.  Now, even works on appointment setting, writing, graphics design, social media management, mail, booking, telemarketing, programming or development, systems engineering, systems administration or DevOps can be done remotely.

Through the trend of needs for analytics talents, Data Science field have a lot of scientists out there that are also ready to be tapped, they are just around, but mostly are in a remote areas.  It is hard to find experts like Data Scientist, Analysts, and IT / Systems Engineers, but if you would look around, you can even find them online.  The quality of work can also be good, and if you want them to be better for helping you more, let them take courses, pay for their education, since online courses made quality education reachable as long as you are connected to the internet and submit your work online.

Allow knowledge workers to work online, they give them the flexibility, cognitive ability and quality time and freedom, which makes it good to let Data Scientist / Engineers remotely or let them work from home.

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