Live Like You are Dying

The irony of this journey called life is that we are always looking for comfort. We keep family ties, we live in different activities, kept ourselves busy, join organizations, but there is none helpful at all. We seek and get lost, looking for hope, searching religion after religion, motivation after motivation. Living in vices, drinking liquors, smoking cigarettes and worst taking drugs just to put life into a greater perspective, as if we know what we are doing are beneficial to us. The works of evil are just around, creating turmoil, fear, terrors, creating terrorist attacks; the world is turning the pain up on each and everyone of us. You might have been part of the jobless people, you might have been a victim of the matrix that to be successful you have to compete, you have to compare yourself to others, to follow the standards set by the norm of the school, of the corporate world, to have a lot of money, to live luxuriously and be arrogant. The world is at its worst scenario this time.

I only have limited time on this earth, and you do too. I know how best it is to have trust, respect, and sacrifice to build love. I am not here to impress among you, but I am here to be true, to be me, and to be a better me each passing day. I don’t have time to explain myself, I don’t care what you are thinking of, but there is one thing that I’m living for each and everyday, I am living to follow and fulfill God’s will.

I may one day be a memory to you, the one who have touched your life, the one who have inspired you, I might have been the one that have been an example on how to live low and simple, how to mould your character, how to keep things going and in peace, how to change things in order for better things to come or I might have been a light on your path.

Today, if you love me, then trust me, if you care then show that you do, if I am important keep me in your heart, I might be doing the same for you, but then you let loose my feelings because, you started to show that you cannot accept me for what I am, what I was, and what I will be. I might be living with you, but you are just like them, pre-judging me for my actions, for my acquaintances, for my friends, contacts, networks and my intentions were never understood and heard. I am missing my life, the real me, because you’ve become a vampire to my life, you’ve made me a zombie, you’ve started to kill my dreams, my aspirations and I am writing this article to make you remember, when I love, I really do, when I care, I mean it, when I value someone, I make them more than diamonds and gold, when I trust, I trust wholeheartedly and the Almighty One I firmly believe. I have no religious bias, but God had showed me that He really existed, He had twisted my life, gave me up and downs, there is no religion, but the faith and connection to the divine, and following God’s will would make the saviour preserve us for eternity, bring us to His everlasting kingdom.

I will no longer be yours if you will fail to value me, as long as my God lives, He will always give the best for me and my life that He lent me. I’m afraid time and again God will bring me closer to the right people and place, but I might lose you.

I’m sorry that I am different from the other 99% of the world. Sorry I don’t belong to the 99% different from me. We are living and leaving this place called Earth soon, so always live at your best each day as if you are dying.